Stock Code / 股票編號 : 0565
Nominal / 股價 : HKD 0.249
Last Updated / 更新於 : 21/06/2024 14:15
( 15 minutes delay quotation / 上述報價為15分鐘前之報價 )
Dividend Announcement
Financial Year Particulars Ex Date Book Closed Date
Book Closed Date
Payable Date
2024/06No Int Div----
2024/06Sp Div HKD 0.00108/03/202412/03/2024-25/03/2024
2023/06No Fin Div----
2023/06No Int Div----
2022/06No Fin Div----
2022/06Third Tranche Sp Div HKD 0.0217/05/202219/05/202220/05/202229/06/2022
2022/06Second Tranche Sp Div HKD 0.0217/05/202219/05/202220/05/202215/06/2022
2022/06First Tranche Sp Div HKD 0.0417/05/202219/05/202220/05/202201/06/2022
2022/06No Int Div----
2021/06No Fin Div----
2021/06No Int Div----
2020/06No Fin Div----
2020/06No Int Div----
2019/06No Fin Div----
2019/06No Int Div----
2018/06No Fin Div----
2018/06No Int Div----
2017/06No Fin Div----
2017/06No Int Div----
2017/06Bonus 10 for 1018/11/201622/11/201624/11/201628/11/2016
2016/06No Fin Div----
2016/06No Int Div----
2015/06No Fin Div----
2015/06No Int Div----
2014/06No Fin Div----
2014/06No Int Div----
2013/06No Fin Div----
2013/06No Int Div----
2012/06No Fin Div----
2012/06No Int Div----
2011/06No Fin Div----
2011/06No Int Div----
2010/06No Fin Div----
2010/06No Int Div----
2009/06No Fin Div----
2009/06No Int Div----
2008/06No Fin Div----
2008/06No Int Div----
2007/06Fin Div HKD 0.0122/11/200726/11/200729/11/200720/12/2007
2007/06Int Div HKD 0.0130/04/200703/05/200704/05/200725/05/2007
2006/06Fin Div HKD 0.0123/11/200627/11/200630/11/200622/12/2006
2006/06Int Div HKD 0.0128/04/200603/05/200604/05/200622/05/2006
2005/06Fin Div HKD 0.01510/11/200514/11/200518/11/200519/12/2005
2005/06Int Div HKD 0.0129/03/200531/03/200501/04/200525/04/2005
2004/06Fin Div HKD 0.015, with scrip option16/11/200418/11/200424/11/200404/01/2005
2004/06Int Div HKD 0.0123/03/200425/03/200426/03/200402/04/2004
2003/06No Fin Div----